Recently I’ve been receiving many questions about becoming a TAJ Author. Instead of having to re-explain every time, I’ve decided to put together a page all about it!

What does the authors team do?

Probably the most basic question, but asked the most. The TAJ Authors are responsible for creating blog posts for Teen Authors Journal. If you check out our blog, you’ll see that the feed is made up of a variety of different authors from all around the world. By joining our team you will have the opportunity to create blog posts for everyone to read.

how often do i need to post?

Since we are young and have schedules booked with school, sports, and things like that, I do not require that you post on a frequent basis. I write posts once a week, but most of the other authors post whenever they have free time. It depends on your schedule, and it is totally up to you! No pressure 🙂

how do i publish the post to the site?

This is actually easier than it sounds. When you are promoted to author status, you will have a new menu tab called Dashboard. If you click on it you will be directed to a section of the site that is hidden from normal members and guests. From there you can write, edit, and revise a post straight from the site! There is no need to email it to us.

Are there any rules?

Yes…no…well…sort of. Our rules are very?loose, making sure that everyone has tons of creative freedom to work with. The list is small, and you can read it here.

What happens if i don’t want to create posts anymore?

No problem! As long as you create one post, you are considered part of the team. If at any point you decide you cannot create blog posts anymore, you can simply stop (but it would be nice to send us a message or email first!). Hopefully the process is enjoyable enough that you stay 🙂

If you go three months as an author without posting your?first post, you will be demoted to a member. I repeat: this rule only applies to your first post.

how will this benefit me?

Joining our authors team will help you in many ways.

  1. Writing posts improves your own writing skills. 😉
  2. You will get to interact with other authors your age from around the world.
  3. You’ll inch closer to being published (if you haven’t been, yet!).
  4. Of course, there are many more benefits!
I hope i’ve convinced you to join our team!

We would honestly, truly love to have you! And if you are reading this after you’ve already joined, wonderful 🙂 I hope you enjoy your experience as part of the team. Please contact any of us if you have any questions.

Yours truly,
Melissa Torrefranca

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