Post Rules

I typically hate posting rules, but I feel it is necessary to have a few boundaries when it comes to posts, so please bear with me.

1. Content

Although this may be an obvious one, the blog posts absolutely must be related to writing. Go ahead and talk about your ski trip, but somewhere in that post we are expecting some writing-related content. Perhaps you decided to bring your laptop to a coffee shop and stare out the window at the heaps of snow. Maybe this gave you a new story idea. Perfect, that works! This is an author community, so please stay on topic.

2. Copycat!

Please don’t write a blog post about a topic another author has already covered. If you want to make a post about the same topic, ensure that you cover a sub-category that the other post seemed to have left off.

3. “Three Month” Rule

When you are first promoted from a member to an author, you will have three months to write your first post.?This rule only applies to your first post.?There are no other rules in terms of schedule.

4. Curse Words (Foul Language)

Since our posts are aimed towards a younger audience, using curse words can only be used in an artistic sense. This means that foul language is acceptable to be used in dialogue or a direct quote/citing from a book or person in small doses.

5. Inappropriate Content

Please restrain from any inappropriate content. If you are speaking of a book you’ve read, you can casually mention scenes that take place, but don’t go into detail if it would be considered inappropriate for younger readers.

Depending on what rule is broken, your post will either be edited, temporarily removed, or deleted. Please simply restrain for doing such in the first place.

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