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Hi guys! I'm Izze. My favorite pastime is (big surprise) writing! I also enjoy art and music/songwriting. I'm currently editing my second novel. When I'm not being productive, I'm using all of my phone storage on weird conversations between my characters. Because what else is "notes" for?

Freedom’s Heart Song

Hi Everyone! Today my goal in this post is to inspire. We all need inspiration from time to time. We get it from books, movies, games, people–there’s...

The Beauty in Creating

So. It’s been a while. During this past month, I’ve been chipping away at my second novel’s second draft. Editing. A single word that strikes fear into...

Tools of Writing: Dialogue

In my previous post, I mentioned the phrase “tools of writing.” In this post, I’ll address one of these said tools: dialogue. Dialogue is (arguably)...

How to Keep Readers Engaged

Readers like to read about two types of things: 1: Things they can relate to. 2: Things that excite them. Most of us writers know this, because we ourselves read. Trying...

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