Author - Junity Faith

I'm a 13 year old who loves to draw and is proud to say I've finished my first draft. Platypus and ice cream are my favorite things ;). "All human wisdom is contained in these two words 'wait' and 'hope'." - Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Christo.

Summer Reads

If somebody were to ask me the number one way to improve their writing, I would say to read. Read a lot. Reading is the number one way to improve, because if you read...

Write What You Know

Today while I was in town, a very interesting thought hit me. I began thinking about how if one person were to write about every single day of their life in perfect...

So… What’s Next?

So… what’s next? That’s the question that probably pops up in most people’s heads when they finish their first draft. Or, there might be no...

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