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Faith has been writing for eight years, likes to squeal over Supernatural & hang out with her besties. She's also an artist who's been doing art since the day she was handed her first crayon. Her spirit animal is Jenna Moreci, and she loves classic rock. She attempts to post every Thursday.

To Beta or Not to Beta

Everyone comes to the point where they can’t find another error in their book, but it doesn’t feel ready to publish. That’s where betas come in...

First Drafts And Research

So, the dreaded first draft eh? The whole “doesn’t matter, just put words on paper” thing never really stood out to me. Some write dedicatedly in this...

The ‘Quels

Lemme just say, I have a thing against sequels and prequels. All those ‘quels sicken me to death. When you have one good book that wasn’t a planned series...

Forced Writing

There comes a point when you’re writing that you just stop writing. Just like that, you stop. It’s not the characters or the story, this time. It’s not...

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