Balancing school and writing isn’t always easy

So its time to go back to school and you have nowhere near written as much as you would like, the question is now how to balance your school work and your writing and in same cases work and sport are added into the mix. Well take it from someone who has all four in the mix, it isn’t easy but with determination is is definitely achievable.

Being a new year 11 student, I rarely have a free night between my work schedule, sport and homework but I always find time to write even if it is just once a week or only 100 words each time. I find its best not to set yourself unreasonable goals and I know it would be a dream to have your novel done sooner rather than later but think about it. Is the stress going to benefit your writing? Will your best work come out of forcing yourself to write when you already have thousands of other things on your mind after a long day at school? Probably not, so here are five ways you can help your writing by balancing it will school and not having to sacrifice your passion all together.

  • Organisation is key. Staying on top of your school work and planning out activities in advance can help you become more productive when it comes to finding time to write. Maybe even schedule in specific writing times, do whatever you need to help you.
  • Don’t overwork yourself! Learn to recognise the times when you just need a break, don’t force yourself to write if you aren’t feeling 100% up to it. Pace yourself with your writing and don’t be disheartened if you aren’t writing as much as you had hoped, you need to set realistic goals for yourself
  • Academic Performance is more important than writing. Though writing is important being a high school student, academic performance is just that little bit more important. Remember that for most authors, their peak of the career isn’t generally in high school so don’t feel bad if you have to push your writing for to the side for a little bit because the benefits of it will begin to show later on in life.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use your online resources, find a friend to talk with, take full advantage of the teen author journal. These platforms can be a life saviour if you just need a break or of course need help with your writing.
  • Remember your passion. Sometimes all it takes to find the balance between school and writing is to truly remember where your passion lies. Trying writing some short stories and take a break from your main project. It may just help rekindle your love for writing and help you recognise the need of finding a balance as most writers blocks comes from overworking yourself.

Thankyou for reading my quick little blog. All the dot points are ways I use to balance school with writing so I hope you all get something out of this even if it is only a section.



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