I’m just returning from a vacation, so this post will be a quick one 🙂

Obviously, one method of brainstorming blog posts can be to not brainstorm at all, and just write whatever comes to mind. That’s what I’m doing now. 😉

BUT, I just hit upon an entirely new method that I thought I’d share. I’m a part of several (who am I kidding … A LOT) of writerly Facebook groups. In them, I see really good questions come up that sometimes I feel compelled to answer. What I also see a lot, is that a ton of people had the same question.

After answering the question “How do I know when to stop editing?” on Facebook, I turned my answer into?last week’s blog post. Because if there’s a good question lots of writers are asking that you have?any answer for, then you have something that can potentially be really quality blog post material!

So be on the lookout for writers’ FAQs that you have some wisdom to share.

You never know where inspiration will come from.


Where do you get your blog post inspiration?

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