As I’ve been editing, I’ve been thinking of ways for me to get more in tune with my characters. To really get under their skin to understand them.

So I sketched my main character. This was the result:

Now I am aware that the photo you see there is awful quality and it may not make sense if you haven’t read the book, but that’s not the point.

The point is how it helped me.

Now that I had a picture to reference to, I found that my descriptions became richer, more detailed.

It helped me understand her limitations and how her ordeal throughout the novel would affect her both physically and emotionally.

It helped me to connect to her as a character.

So after one success, I decided to try sketching other things in my novel. Mainly my two main creatures: a hippokampoi and a terrapoi.

Once again, these were the results:

They’re also bad quality, but try to imagine them as if they had like 1080dpi resolution, pleaseeee.

*puppy dog eyes*

I’m no artist, but once again I found the same thing. The sketches enhanced my descriptions and my understanding of them. I don’t know if you can see them, but I’ve made notes around each creature to reference when I’m writing about them.

These two sketches also enhanced areas I thought were lacking and weak in my novel.

One of these was travel – originally, my characters were going to travel in horse carriages. Now they could fly on a terrapoi or race along the ground in a hippokampoi.

The final things I’ve been sketching are bits and pieces of characters. For example, one of the most recent sketches I’ve done is an eye.

It’s the eye of the Nephilim, one if the tribes in my book. It is the second most important tribe in my book because somebody my antagonist cares for comes from there.

I’ve chosen to do this to make my antagonist more relatable, so you still enjoy chapters from his POV.

Think of it like the relationship between Thanos and Gamora in Infinity War if you’ve seen it, except they mutually care for each other.

And here’s the sketch:

Once again, I’ve had the same result. Better descriptions, richer world building. And I’m not even the best drawer in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you try and sketch some key things from your novel and see how it affects your writing?

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  • This is actually a really nice idea! I used to love drawing, actually, but I got out of it because you can only support so many hobbies! But recently I tried to paint a common scene setting from my book and failed awfully, so it kind of discouraged me from drawing stuff from my book again :/ But I really should give drawing characters a shot.

  • Wow, this was a really cool post! I do this all the time 😀 Drawing is my favorite thing besides writing, so drawing the characters really does help me understand them better and help me to write them more detailed.

    And your sketches look really cool 🙂

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