If you read my post about The Developmental Writing Challenge, you probably know I created a five-day challenge (you should make one for yourself if you haven’t yet!). My personal goal was to experiment with writing in the morning instead of the night. For five days in a row, I woke up at 5:50 in the morning instead of the usual 7:30. It’s crazy to think of how much this tiny little challenge I made has changed my entire perspective on writing. Now let’s dive into the transition I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Waking earlier = sleeping earlier

I mean, I went to sleep at the same time in the beginning…but it didn’t take much time for me to start getting tired earlier in the day, forcing me to sleep much earlier than I used to. By doing this, I had no other choice but to cut out my nightly writing time, making morning the only time I’d write. Even being a morning-hater, the thought of writing made me look forward to waking up!

“Stop writing before you want to stop.”

I heard a quote similar to this a while ago and it’s always stuck with me. If you stop when you want to, you’ve already drained yourself. If you stop before you want to, however, you’ll find that your mind is still buzzing with thoughts of your novel. When I write at night, I get so tired that I want to stop writing. I just can’t keep my eyes open sometimes and it leaves me mentally and physically exhausted. In the morning I’m not only not growing sleepier, but I also have a schedule I have to stick to. I mean, sure, I could tell myself, You have to stop writing at eleven so you can sleep before midnight, but my own thoughts isn’t enough motivation to keep my from continuing to write and burning myself out.

In the mornings, however, I need to stop because at some point I have to leave the house to go to school. This forces me to shut down my writing, even if I’m in the middle of an awesome chapter. What does this mean? I spend the whole day looking forward to writing after school, and if time is too tight, I’m still excited to get back to the project the next morning!

After transitioning to a morning writer, I haven’t drained myself from writing once.

I’m more alert during school


Two weeks ago I would drag myself out of bed and go to school with drowsy eyes. Normally this sleep deprivation would be due to staying up late into the nights writing, but after writing early in the morning and getting more sleep, I’ve gone to school completely awake with my brain buzzing and alert. It’s a perfect way to start the day.

Now for the crazy announcement!

Guess what? You ready? I never thought I’d make this decision, but here it is: I’ve transitioned into a permanent morning writer.

You may be wrinkling your nose right now, but trust me on this one! I’ve never been a morning person. I’ve always loved staying up late on my computer and writing while everyone else fell asleep in bed. But after only five days doing a little challenge, I’ve decided that writing in the mornings is more rewarding than writing during the night.

I might switch back to writing at night occasionally, but for the most part I think I’ve officially turned myself into a morning writer. So before you guys judge waking up early to write, why not try it yourself? I’m not exaggerating by saying it might just change your life!

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