I don’t know about anyone else, but I love astrology. I can research and study it for hours and I know my birth chart inside out. My sun sign, Virgo. My moon sign, Pisces. My rising sign, Leo. This combination, when it comes to exam season is a disaster just?waiting?to happen.

I need to do good, be perfect, but my emotional stability is seriously questionable yet I have such confidence in passing the exams, but the cycle repeats and I analyze my feelings and confidence and in the end I dissolve into a puddle of self-doubt and tender nerves. 

This, mixed with the feeling of dread about missing out so many hours that could be spent?writing?is probably the worst I have felt since I began my project. During the course of writing my book, I have done winter exams, which are important but not as important as summer exams. The stress, the expectation, the pressure, the feeling of failing before even trying is quite dreadful in itself but while trying to be creatively productive is quite the challenge.

But?thank the gods, I love a challenge and I am so willing to take this week on.

To make it worse, I have had the urge to read and write so much more than usual and I?can’t. Trying to restrain from just ditching the study and writing pages upon pages is hard in itself, but whats harder is the temptation to sink into a good book instead of the damned stress.

Trying to balance writing and school is hard enough during the school year but when it comes to exam season, its a whole new kettle of fish.

I don’t know if I have any good advice to any of you whom are also taking tests and writing, but I do know this- take care of yourself.

Keep hydrated, get at least eight hours of sleep (even if it is tempting to stay up and write up a storm or cram for the exam the next day), take regular breaks from studying and/or writing and stretch, also remember to eat something sustainable! Veg, fruit, good carbs, protein. And remember, exams results are not end all and be all of your future.

Its important to remember that you can achieve anything you put work into, but if you don’t get it the first time, do not be deterred. Your brain is amazing, you can do things you think would be impossible, only by working hard. I believe in you, all you need to do now is believe in yourself. I know its easier said than done but you can teach yourself! If anything, know that I am proud of you for trying, the most difficult thing to do.

Here are a few helpful links-

How to stay healthy during the stressful times- https://www.griffith.ie/blog/how-stay-healthy-during-exams

Stay positive, and tips to study-?https://www.oxford-royale.co.uk/articles/positive-mindset-exams.html

Believing yourself-?http://jamesclear.com/nothing-will-work-if-you-dont-believe-in-it

More believing in yourself (its important)-?https://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-to-believe-in-yourself-in-the-face-of-overwhelming-self-doubt/

Keep writing -H


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Hey! My name's Hollie and I am 15 years old. I've been writing sappy poems and silly short stories for all long as I can remember and now I am finally putting my hard work to use to write a book. Don't hesitate to message me to rant about stuff, or even just talk, I'm always here!

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