It may sound easy, but trust me, it’s hard. The characters have minds and ideas of their own. The plot won’t co-operate. There’s simply just so much that can go so wrong.

Are we on the same page? Good.

So, here’s where I, hopefully, come in. I will be providing you with ample resources to remain relaxed and totally sane. These may not work in November, but they should work at any other time.

The first thing I suggest you do is have a minute of ‘mindfulness’. It may sound strange, and trust me, it is. This involves just taking a step back from your computer, notebook, phone or writing device.

Yes, it involves not writing.

And then, you focus on your breathing for sixty seconds without letting your mind wander or wonder. I find this really useful and it really calms me: after this, I can return straight back to writing.

If that doesn’t work, rest-assured, I have more!

My favourite thing to do is look at writing websites. A lot. If you are severely lacking in knowledge of these amazing lands of knowledge for writers, then I have compiled a list specially for you:

Go Teen Writers: This amazing blog offers writing advice, and in the archives there are plotting, writing, editing and publishing tips. A must-have for any writer.

Better Novel project: This blog offers a unique perspective on things, as it decomposes novels to see what makes them really good, rather than just offering solid writing tips. Nevertheless, still a good website to visit.

Editor Says: As far as I can understand, this is the blog of an editor, offering their unique perspective on things. Although this may seem useful to teens only seeking publication, there are tips on writing and planning. The ones I personally find most interesting, are the ones about the slush pile and how she narrows down her manuscripts.

Writer’s Digest– Do I need to say anything here?

Wikihow– Not technically a writing website, but once you narrow down the articles on writing, then it is amazing.

Still not working? Read books in another genre to what you are writing.

A lot of people will argue with me when I say this, but it helps, and I’ll explain why in a minute. For now, let me elaborate. When writing sci-fi read fantasy. When writing fantasy read sci-fi. When writing a mystery, read romance. When writing romance, read mystery.

Before I explain this doubtful theory, let me give some more advice. Read the genre you are writing before you start.

Why? Because then you’ve done your research, you know how things are written.

Now, let me explain my theorem. When you read a book of the same genre whilst you are writing another, which is likely as writer’s write what they read, your brain automatically makes a connection to them as they are similar.

From here, your brain can turn a simple connection to a flurry of comparison where your book ultimately loses against the one you were reading. Our brains are pessimists, they tell you everything you do is terrible. Don’t give them an extra chance.

I shall now explain the reverse logic to this. When you are not reading a book of the same genre of the book you are writing, then your brain has nothing to connect or string them together because of.

There is pretty much no connection between Divergent and Lord of the Rings. Do you think when Roth wrote her book she compared it to LotR? She would have no reason to, so its illogical to think that she would put herself down and her boom down after reading it.

Sure, maybe the language used in one book is slightly better or more exciting than the other, but that can be fixed in the pesky little thing we call edits. Yes, edits can fix immature wording and sentences. Got it? You don’t need to worry about it anymore.

If I haven’t helped you, write.

If that didn’t help, please go. I got nothing.


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I'm Kat, a fantasy writer who is now pleased to say that she has successfully written a complete manuscript. I post when I hit certain milestones in my novel writing, but don't expect me to make you a priority. My book comes first 🙂

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