Hello Fellow Authors ! I hope all of you are having an amazing writing time. Well, recently I was interviewed by an amazing yet hilarious person, who was none other than Harsh. So, now as it’s my turn to continue the interview chain, I present to you IVA !!!

Iva is an 18 year old girl from England, who loves food and plays tennis.


Amina: So, miss Iva who lives in the land of the royal monarchs, what is something that brings the best out of you ?

Iva: Do you mean what inspires me to perform at my best or what makes me more tolerable as a human being?

Amina: LOL.? I mean what is something you’re good at? Like, what’s your speciality?

Iva: Writing wise, I feel like I’m pretty good at dialogue. Life wise, I make amazing two minute noodles

Amina: WOW! I’m pretty bad at dialogue but I love noodles so hopefully one day you’ll cook me some and we can eat together lol.

Iva: Hahaha for sure ?


1) Why do you write? What has inspired you to pursue this journey?

Iva: I write because I enjoy it, basically. It’s an escape into a different world where I don’t have to worry about my problems here, I can be my super badass main character for a while. And also writing is kind of an amazing way to procrastinate school work hehehe

But now I write with the aim of getting published, because if I’m already doing what I love, why not try to put it out into the world for others to hopefully enjoy?

Amina: Hahaha writing really helps in delaying school work ? And yes why shouldn’t you try everything for what you love !

Hopefully I’ll buy your book one day ?

Iva : Yeah! My parents would always make me study where they can see me so I wrote, because it looked like I was working ?

Amina: ????? good going

Iva: thanks hahaha

2) Have you ever experienced an incident, that you think has changed you as a person and given you a different perspective?

Iva: My perspective on what? Just life in general?

Amina: Yes, just life in general .

Iva: Well I moved schools for my last two years of high school and it was probably the most horrible decision of my life. I was bullied there, spent a lot of time at lunch alone and that kind of thing. But it’s made me stronger in that I don’t let people walk all over me anymore. I’ve developed a ‘bitch mode’ as a sort of defence mechanism ?

I dunno if that’s what you meant for the question lmao

I haven’t really had any perspective altering experiences idk hahaha.

Amina: So sorry to hear that, but the sad truth is that we learn to rise only if we fall. I’m glad that you have learned to deal with it in a brave way though. Just shows how resilient you are 🙂

Iva: I mean it’s fine now, high school is done so I’ve just come out stronger 🙂 What about you?

Amina: Ahh you’re boomeranging the question to me?

Iva: hahah well, I am Australian ? we love our boomerangs!

Amina: But yeah high school was pretty lonely for me too. I never really tried to fit in with the others. I liked that atleast I was different from a particular lot. And yes last year a girl from my college had died in an accident and that really taught me how every day counts.

Iva: Oh wow I’m sorry to hear that. That must’ve been really tough to deal with 🙁

I recently met a woman who just beat cancer, and that’s given her the same mentality. She makes every second count.

Amina: It was but we’ve accepted it now So sorry for herAnd yeah the bullies and snobs should understand that they have so much to lose while they could actually do something productive rather than being a pain in the ass all the timeWe should life to the fullest when we can and I’m glad that the woman is doing so because I’ve seen people getting wasted in despair 🙁

Iva: Yeah it’s hard to know what goes through bullies’ heads, it boggles my mind how they can be so mean ? And yeah, I completely agree.

Amina: Yeah they are sadists, and nothing more XP

Iva: Exactly!

Amina: So here comes the next one, be ready to hide your face?

Iva: Hahahah okie dokie.

Iva : Alright I’ve had enough, next question ?

3) What is the one thing you would like to change in the world, if you were given the power to do so?

Iva: I’d try to eliminate poverty. It breaks my heart to see how some people have to live and don’t even have clean water to drink or food to eat 🙁

Amina: That’s a really empowering thing to do Iva ! I hope their circumstances improve too 🙁

Iva: Yeah, but I feel like it’d be impossible to completely fix it, you know?

Amina: Yeah that’s sadly true 🙁

4) Which book is you favourite and why?

Iva: Why must you torture me this way? 🙁

But as of recent, I love NerveI just wish I had read the book before I saw the movieI love it because it’s an interesting concept, how our technology can potentially cause so much damage like that.And I couldn’t put it down, I was hooked from the start.

Amina: Wow that seems like an interesting theme. I haven’t read the book nor have I watched the movie so maybe I’ll give it a shot ?

Iva: Yeah it’s great! It’s like this dare game and you win prizes for each dare you complete

Amina: I shall check it out for sure !

Iva: What’s your favourite?

Amina: Harry Potter and Hunger Games all time, everyday ?I just love them so much?❤

Iva: Haven’t read HP, but i loveeee the hunger games!

Amina: YOU SHOULD READ HP ? the experience is egg-ztremely egg-ztra-ordinary !

Iva: I WILL!!!

(after this we took a break of TWO entire days, due to our busy lives and crazy time difference)

5. What would you do if you wake up and find out that you have turned invisible for an entire day?!

Iva: I’d hop on a flight and not have to pay for a to ticket, or I’d sneak backstage into a concert if a band I like is in town!

Amina: I’d do the first one too ! Seems sooo cool.

Iva: yeah exactly!

Amina: and i’d hope there’d be seats left hahahaJust imagine Louis Tomlinson in town ?❤

Iva: I was lucky enough to see them live a month before Zayn left ?

(She was really very lucky ?)

6) if not a writer what do you think you would be?

Iva: I’m starting a BA in Film and Media at uni in September, so that’s kind of where I want my career to go. I want to do something in the film industry, behind the scenes where all the real magic happens! In a way, it’s kind of like writing books. It’s all the work that goes in behind the scenes of the finished product 🙂

Amina: It sounds really interesting! Hopefully one day you’ll be helping some huge production house to bring our books to life ?

7)Whats the funniest thing you’ve ever encountered?

Iva: Hmmm that’s a toughie hahaha. I can’t really think of anything at the moment, but pretty much whenever I’m with my best friend, we always end up laughing so much that we can’t breathe ?

Amina: Same here I guess everyone turns into something insane with the company of a best friend?

8) if you could go back in time and tell something to the child you, what advice or warning would you give her?

Iva: I’d tell her not to worry so much. That not everything is as big a deal as it seems, and everything will eventually resolve itself. There’s no need to stress about things you have no control over ?

9) Which book character would you wish to be?

Iva: Black Widow! I know she’s a comic book character but she does have two novels too so… ? She’s so badass haha.

Amina: I’m a fan of Black Widow too! She’s the only female superhero that’s not too much to bear lol

10) A few facts about Iva ?

Iva: Hmmm well just the basics I guess then. I love mexican food, I play tennis and my favourite music genre is punk rock (but I do have a guilty love for 1D and Taylor Swift ?)

(I love them too!!!)

Oops! I acually realised that I had lost count and had asked Iva an extra question. So, I thought I’ll keep the best one at the last – enjoy XD 

11) Describe one moment that you have experienced (or I say egg-sperienced) where you acted so silly that just the memory of it embarrasses you even now. ?

Iva: Oh my god, this memory makes me cringe so hard. Alright so..

When I was seven years old, I had my first boyfriend (I think?) and like the class would be sitting on the floor and stuff and he’d sit behind me and like massage my shoulders ? and then our whole class got together one day at lunch time and forced us to get married. We had this whole wedding ceremony and everything ?

Amina:  ( This was so cute and funny I couldn’t stop laughing ?)

Iva: I literally cringe every time I think about this haha.

Amina: DAMN ?????This is too cute???And too funny?

Iva: Thank you for making me remember ???

Amina: Aww you’re class was so kind to actually get you’ll married XD #truelove

Iva: i don’t even remember if we broke up lmao.

Amina: Shoot! That means you’ll might still be married hahahaI’m literally laughing so bad ???????

Iva: Hahahah I’m glad my embarrassment is amusing to you ?

( I had to cut so much of the interview here, but it was actually me laughing really bad?)



It was really fun to interview Iva. She is really amazing!

I hope you all enjoyed the interview. Thank you for the patience. All the best for what waits ahead 🙂

(Amina) India: Thursday,19th May, 4:30 p.m.

(Iva) England: Thursday,19th may, 1:30 p.m.

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