There are three different types of users on Teen Authors Journal. If you are confused about the difference between them, please refer to the text below.

1. members

Members make up the majority of the website. When you register at Teen Authors Journal, you are given this profile by default. You have the ability to manage your profile, communicate with others, and view website pages unavailable to guests.

2. authors

TAJ Authors make up the team behind the blog posts. They can do everything members can, plus more. If you are currently a member hoping to be promoted to an Author, simply fill out our application form. In usually under twenty-four hours, you will receive a message and be promoted to author status. This method was created to ensure that we share quality content for you and everyone else to enjoy.

TAJ Author Application

3. Guest bloggers (inactive users)

Guest bloggers are inactive users. All their posts are linked to one specific profile. They have never once logged into their accounts and do not receive notifications, so if you would like to contact them, so they will not follow back or respond to messages. If you’d like to guest blog on Teen Authors Journal, please fill out our contact form.

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