Snow days and Conspiracy Theories

Alternative Truman Show
Life is just another unsolved episode of black mirror


Last week, when snowstorms ravaged New York and the rest of North America, I secured myself in the warmth of multiple blankets and episodes of Black Mirror. I sat for about 2 hours, immersed in mindboggling scenes and occasionally getting up to stretch, get water, or use the restroom. My mind was drenched in what if ´s, why´s and just an endless loop of conspiracy theories. By the time darkness coated the sky, I resembled this meme:

“What if we´re all just puppets living in a world created by weird space aliens? What if none of us are real? What if we’re all just living in an extended version of the Truman Show? What if the government spies on us? Never mind, that already happens, lolz. On the issue of the government being creepy and borderline stalkerish, do not try to evade them. It was indirectly addressed in Black Mirror. In the end, you’ll go to jail with “Exit” by Radiohead played in the background as officers forcibly grab you by your dainty arms.

Black Mirror expanded my views on the world as a person and as a writer. I finally understood the thrill of creating plot twists that would leave you perplexed yet satisfied. I began to weave intricate cliffhangers that would leave readers starving for the next scene. A flurry of ideas floated in my mind, and for once, they didn’t melt altogether.

Black Mirror is excellent and inspirational (I’m getting a bit teary-eyed because my life consists of me being a fangirl to many things. Forgive me world :(, forgive me). This is an incredibly short post because I just had many mind farts. Also, Benjamin Clementine is a fantastic artist!


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