Hey everyone! Happy Thursday 🙂 Thursday is a good day because it’s the day before Friday.

Before I begin showing you how I use specific social media platforms, I want to sell you on social media as a whole. Even if you do not think it is for you, give it a shot! I can guarantee there will be some platform where you can connect with people, even if it’s just a website like TAJ! I thought I’d be horrible at social media and hate making friends online. I was really wrong about that.

This is how I use my social media as a writer.


Everyone and their second cousin is on Facebook. That’s one good reason to have it right there. I decided I wanted a professional page which meant I needed a personal page and that’s been fine. I really don’t post much on my personal page, but I do use my professional one several times a week at least.


  1. Writing updates, sharing blog posts, keeping my audience informed, and keeping my writing accessible.
  2. I’ve also found it very, very helpful to join some writing groups. Go Teen Writers, region-specific NaNoWriMo, author fan clubs … it never ends!
  3. Creating events can also be helpful.


  1. I can keep my personal and professional posts separate. I am still personable in my professional posts, but all of them have a theme: my writing.
  2. I also feel like I have a more direct audience since everyone who decides to follow my page gets notified when I post 🙂


Overall, Twitter just seems a lot more professionally-minded than Facebook. It’s not everyone ranting about their life struggles. It’s often sharing good information, being witty, and asking for advice all in 140 characters or less.

Purpose: I use this a lot like I use Facebook.

  1. I give writing updates, share my blog posts, and try to keep all of my followers informed about what’s going on.
  2. I will share some more “days in the life” type things as well.


  1. I find it easier to interact with writing friends here.
  2. Retweeting is simpler than sharing something on Facebook but has the same effect.
  3. People seem more willing to do whatever they need to and also more willing to take you seriously.
  4. People also follow and unfollow all the time which is really freeing. No one is very afraid of offending other people.


Ah, Pinterest. While this is a notorious time eater, every writer needs an account. It’s not a girls-only platform. Nor is it perfectly safe or always helpful. Even still, it’s an absolute must if you are a visual person.


  1. Inspiration. There are so many cool images. Being able to organize them and let them help you with your stories is really awesome.
  2. Storyboards! I love creating boards for my stories and apparently followers like them as well, because it really boosted my numbers.


  1. There is so much variety and I can follow 158 people without my feed being overwhelming.
  2. It’s just endless gorgeous pics. While Pinterest isn’t perfect, it always gives me that visual inspiration I need to keep writing.


Social media devoted entirely to books! It’s like an online library with friends. While this is an absolute necessity if you have ever read a single book, it’s also very helpful for writers.


  1. Book reviews. I have my book on Goodreads which allows anyone to review it and rate it.
  2. I ran a giveaway through Goodreads as well which encouraged about 400 strangers to add it to their “to-be-read” lists. This makes it great for reaching new readers.


  1. The great thing about people doing things with my book on Goodreads is that all of their friends will see an update about their activity, spreading the news even further.
  2. There are groups you can join, too, to find like-minded people, similar to Facebook.
  3. Everyone on there loves books, so they’re going to be looking for more books. 😉


I was so resistant to doing YouTube because the idea of videoing myself scared me. to. death. Once I gave it a shot, it was super fun! So now I have an author channel 🙂

Purpose: Videos. (Duh.) So far, I have done some

  1. blog post
  2. Q&As
  3. challenges/tags
  4. bookish life snippets (ie, me getting my books for the first time)


  1. Anyone can watch your videos. Which is … kind of scary. If you don’t mind your face being seen, it’s not much different than blogging.
  2. It adds a very personable element for me; seeing friends in videos makes them feel more like real people.
  3. Some people are more likely to watch a short video than read a short blog post anyway, so you get a bit of a different audience.


So. much. free. music!!!! It’s better than Pandora and basically anything else. I’m cheap and don’t pay the miniscule monthly fee, so I get occasional ads and have to have internet. Still. They have literally everything.


  1. Background music.
  2. Creating writing playlists is super fun! I can’t always focus better with music, but I can use music for inspiration just like the images from Pinterest.


  1. Free, brand new music.
  2. You can follow your friends and see what they listen to as well, which has helped me find new music.


I hope that convinced you to give some of those a try! There’s nothing wrong with deciding something is not for you and closing down an account. Someday I will try Instagram because I hear that one’s amazing for sharing your own pictures of life and lots and lots of books. 🙂 Tumblr is another big one for fandoms, but it’s never really appealed to me.

What social media do you use for your writing? How do you use the platforms you already have for writing?


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    • I think it’s very interesting! And it’s so much less social than lots of other media. Hehe, that’s one of the reasons I like it so much I guess (which sounds awful, I know!). I’m so visual that I love all the images! You’ll have to let me know if you get one 😉

  • Thanks for these great tips! The only place I’ve really tried using as a platform is Pinterest, and though I do have quite a few followers and writing boards, I haven’t ‘branded’ myself as an author yet. I know I should but like Iva, I feel too awkward. XD

    • Sure! I know it can be a struggle, which is why I thought I’d share. 🙂 I use Pinterest as well, and it’s nice because it’s less social. Because it’s less social, I don’t really know how good I am at it or if anyone cares 😛 But I try to stay consistent on pinning writerly things and such.

      I know, it’s hard!! As long as you have something in your bio about being a writer or whatever, that’s all people need to know for a while. For me, making public storyboards (inspiration for book ideas) has gotten me the biggest following. They’re just aesthetic, but for my ardent followers, they like being able to glimpse into what I’m working on. And it’s just as much for me as it is for them 😉 You can do it!!!

  • I seriously need to get Goodreads. I’ve been procrastinating on it but I really should give it a chance tonight! Oh, and I also think that the writing community on Instagram is amazing! But the other ones you pointed out are great as well. Most of my writing tips come from Pinterest.

    • Aww, but you’re so honest and adorable!! Seriously, this comment is proof. You remind me of my twin cousin 😛 People love other honest people. I think if you just went for it and didn’t worry about the number of followers you had, but connected with like-minded people you would enjoy it! Starting small is never EVER a bad thing 🙂 It’s still a struggle for me too because I’m not all that consistent and I’m a fairly private person 😉


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