This is one of my biggest struggles with social media. Even once I’ve nailed part 1 (Writerly Uses for Platforms) and 2 (Rookie Mistakes to Avoid), I’d say not wasting time is my biggest struggle.

How many times do you get on social media for something specific and end up scrolling through your feed, clicking the links, finding new profiles …? It’s a time-sucking black hole.

Here are some things I’ve learned from a plethora of areas in my life to try to be more productive, especially on social media.

One At A Time

This may sound super simple, but I am definitely guilty here. Do not switch back and forth between a gazillion accounts. Don’t get on your phone for Facebook and then switch to Twitter because you want to see if you follow them there. Then go back to Facebook and jump to Goodreads because have you added their book yet? Those may be important things to check, but always do what you came on to do FIRST. If you think they’re really important, write them down. You can handle that when you’re ready to get on that platform: later. This allows you to finish what you were doing so you don’t get distracted and waste time trying to do everything at once.

Don’t Be Immediate

This kinda goes hand-in-hand with the first one. If you’re writing a paper or reading a book and your phone chimes … that does not mean you have to pick it up! I’m in the habit of checking my phone every now and then anyway. If it’s not a phone call I’ve been waiting on or a text message from an employer, I leave it until I’m done with what I’m doing. In the age of information, ignorance for a few more minutes can be bliss. I’m sure that new follower on Pinterest can wait ten more minutes to be followed back. Ten more days, even.

Set Aside Time

While I’m gradually getting away from over-planning my life (because who sticks to a plan and still has fun?), there is something to be said for having routine. I’m trying to get better about all of the above, primarily by having a certain time of day I check my social media. I often respond to messages throughout the day, but waiting until after lunch or after supper to check my notifications is a good thing. It gives me down time I’ve earned and I can get right back off again because I have other things I do around those times for fun.

Don’t Feel Like You’re Missing Out

I’ll say it again. In the information age, ignorance is bliss. If you’re worried that you’re going to miss something by not skimming through all of your social media feeds at least once a day, you’re right. But you’re going to miss something anyway, so let it go. Have you ever noticed that Twitter does that “you may have missed” section? Yeah, those are the only posts I really care about, and they get shown to me because I don’t get on every day. I trust that everything else I can live without knowing.


This one is fairly basic, but it sums up all of the others. There is so. much. out there. So much. Quite simply, we don’t need all of it. Spending time with family is more important. Getting your homework done is more important. Don’t let social media be the center of your universe. I may not use it that much, but I’m on it a lot, and that’s rather the opposite of what it should be. Use your time wisely and prioritize what all you have to do. If you’re making a checklist every morning and only getting the insignificant things done, that’s not productivity, that’s procrastination. We’re all busy people, so let’s not squander all of our down time.


What are some ways you’ve found to use social media wisely and still have a life?

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  • This post was amazing. So much truth! With the websites I’m managing, it’s super time consuming to switch between my personal accounts and all the others, and on multiple platforms! Your idea of one social media at a time is so smart. So far the only thing I ever do is turn off all the notifications in my settings, so I only check them when I have the time to.

    • I’m glad you thought so! Gosh, I can only imagine! It’s so easy for me to fill up all my time with the things I do on the computer. YES, silencing notifications is so smart. That definitely keeps me from checking them too often 😉 I need to get better about applying strategies!


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