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I don’t know if this is just me, but I see a clear vision of both the beginning and end of the novel. The first and last scenes of my novel are the easiest and most fun to write. However, the middle is so cloudy. I feel like all of the scenes are jumbled up in the center, and I have trouble progressing from the beginning to the end.

I’m stuck in this problem right now. I know what has to happen, but I don’t know how to?make it happen. Even though it seems like a small issue, I know that other people are experiencing the same thing. I’ve read countless forums about this exact problem, and no matter how much writing experience I get, how many books I analyze, and how many authors I speak to this about, I cease to gain an answer on how to solve this issue.

is the cloudy center avoidable?

Yes! I know this for sure. There are authors I know who have the opposite problem from the?cloudy center. Some people can’t figure out how to begin. Others don’t know how to tie everything up with a ribbon. There’s three options, and everyone gravitates toward one of them. Writing a book is not easy sailing.

I think the secret behind each one of these is what your focus is on. While your plotting, are you thinking more about the beginning or the end? Have you planned out all the juicy conflict that leads up to the climax, but forgotten the resolution? Depending on what your focus is on, you will become one of the three choices.

  1. Cloudy beginning
  2. Cloudy center
  3. Cloudy end
how to solve the ‘cloudy’ issue

Although I have no proof that this method works, I believe it just?might be the answer. When plotting, if you’re thinking a lot about the ending of your novel, switch gears and start to plan out the center of the story, even if it is the most boring part for you. Spend most of your time planning out the cloudy parts rather than toning up on your strong points.

Which parts of your story are the cloudiest for you? How do you deal with these issues?

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