Lemme just say, I have a thing against sequels and prequels. All those ‘quels sicken me to death. When you have one good book that wasn’t a planned series originally, and you finish it, then decide, Let’s make another on the same subject, you better think this through very carefully.


I mean, look at how many sequels have gone wrong: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Mulan 2, and Beauty and The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. I loved The Outsiders. Hell, I wrote a fanfic on it (it even has a sequel that has emotionally scarred me as a writer! Cheers!). Anyway, the sequel lost the memorable characters we loved, and left us with this new kid that nobody cared about. Like, at all. I quit reading pretty quickly. Next, Mulan 2. It was a mess, to say the least. Screw Mulan! Let’s have a stereotypical white girl extravaganza! Oh ho ho, this is so well thought out! What? Why are we getting bad reviews? Ugh. And Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, can’t forget when we forgot every characteristic of the previous movie characters! That was a great idea!


Now, not all sequels are bad. I just haven’t read a good one. Wow, that was a well thought out argument.


Right, so why am I bringing this up? Probably because I went against my rule on Don’t do the Sequel! and started the planning and writing the sequel to my Sherlock fanfic. Puppet was decently written, and while not caught up to my more recent writing style, I loved the cinematic way I wrote it. But, with writing the sequel, Puppeteer, I keep constantly reminding myself of the wrong things. Don’t mess up, it has to be better than the first, keep in character! She wouldn’t do that! What if they don’t like this? What if this is too far fetched? I keep struggling to do what I did with Puppet: relax and just write. That’s the beauty with fanfic- you can’t publish it. It’s just for fun. No need for harsh editing or critical views.


So don’t worry about writing the sequel. As long as you write it for yourself, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, as long as you’re happy with it.

This was really short, and kinda fluttery in writing, so my apologies for that. Next weeks will hopefully be better. I’m still working on my big one about characters though, so here’s my question: What do you like in a villain?

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  • I’ve never been a fan of sequels either. In fact, if a book comes in a series, I usually don’t start reading it because I don’t like making such big commitments. However, all writers should go for it if that’s what they want! I think that’s a great point.

    Villains? Hmm…personally I like my antagonist to be a theme instead of an actual person. When it comes to people who cause conflict, I’d have to say I like them to have a strong motive and a reason behind all of their actions. I also like them to have a connection to the protagonist (related by blood, same school, used to be in a relationship, etc.), rather than have them somehow have conflicting morals by chance.

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