Well… hello there! It’s been a while- sorry about that one.

Anyway, let’s talk about New Years Resolutions. We all make them and most of us break ’em. But my resolution for 2018 is to be a better… well, everything. I want to develop my skills in all areas of life and this means setting myself a few challenges. I want to finish the first draft of my novel: ‘The Divinus Trials’, Start my poetry collection: ‘Sweet & Sour’, and I want to finish a short story a month… not to mention my fanfiction wips. Those are only my writing goals… I’m setting the bar pretty high for myself and I’m not particularly optimistic, but I’ll persevere.

With all of my writing goals for the year comes something we are all familiar with, doubt. I’m not good enough. I can’t do this. What do I possibly hope to accomplish by doing this? Doubt can be difficult to deal and sometimes we get stuck- with our books, with our ideas, with ourselves. But like all obstacles, doubt can be defeated.

There are several steps you can take when you’re down in the dumps about your writing. Depending on the situation you may find any of these suitable:

Playlists for all emergencies: I love my playlists. I create playlists for quite literally every situation. I have one for when I’m washing my hair, each song change reminding me to either wash out my shampoo or conditioner. One for emergency pick-me-ups (a compilation of my favourite songs at the time) and one for each of my characters (excessive, believe me- I know). Playlists help to get you in the mood and can help characters come to life on the page. When creating a character playlist, think of the songs your character would listen to: do they like pop music, do they exclusively listen to Kansas? A playlist can really embody a character and help us dive into a good writing session.

Food: Okay, this probably isn’t the best idea but, hear me out. Food is important. Sometimes as a writer, I get so into a writing session that I will forget to eat. If I don’t have food right next to me, no way am I walking to the kitchen to grab a packet of chips. It ruins the continuity of my scenes, I’ll come back and lose all sense of where I was up to. So before putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboards, grab a snack and keep it close at hand. Some of my favourite snacks include Sweet Potato Chips, Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Greek-Style Yoghurt, Quesadillas and Bacon Mashed Potato.

Find Meaning: This can be difficult for some people. You find yourself 20,000 words deep into a novel… and freeze. You can’t seem to find a foothold anymore. Why where you writing this story again. Who were you doing it for? Take some time to find your purpose as a writer, find meaning in what you are doing and remember to accept yourself as an author. We aren’t always going to be on top of the world as an author, sometimes we need to feel content building a ladder to get to the top and find that being stuck in a rut is no need to give up.


Okay… so this probably didn’t help, but hey, at least it’s something. Next, I’m showing you the playlist I use for writing in general. It’s comprised of thirty songs from various artists and most of them are pre-2000’s. So, allons-y.

My Writing Playlist:

American Pie || Don McLean

Don’t Fear The Reaper || Blue Oyster Cult

Kansas || Dust In The Wind

ABBA || Money, Money, Money

Kate Bush || Babooshka

Joan Jet and The Blackhearts || I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll

Los Lobos || La Bamba

Indila || Dernière Danse

The Charlie Daniels Band || The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Joyce Jonathan || Ça Ira

Chris De Burgh | Don’t Pay The Ferryman

Flash And The Pan || Down Among The Dead Men

Survivor || Eye Of The Tiger

The Sweet || Fox On The Run

The Stranglers || Golden Brown

Chicago || Hard To Say I’m Sorry

The Bangles || Hazy Shade Of Winter

The Bangles || Walk Like An Egyptian

Huey Lewis And The News || Heart And Soul

The Animals || The House Of The Rising Sun

Creedence Clearwater Revival || It Came Out Of The Sky

Rick Springfield || Jessie’s Girl

Murray Head || One Night In Bangkok

Yes || Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Thomas Dolby || She Blinded Me With Science

Player One || Space Invaders

The Vapors || Turning Japanese

The Buggles || Video Killed The Radio Star

The Romantics || What I Like About You

The Chantoozies || Witch Queen

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Taylor Slattery has never listened to these words: 'Write what you know'. She has never been subjected to scientific testing, never found herself fighting a god, and never killed a demon using her bare hands. But does that stop her? No. She enjoys writing short stories, novels and poetry.

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