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Hi guys! I'm Izze. My favorite pastime is (big surprise) writing! I also enjoy art and music/songwriting. I'm currently editing my second novel. When I'm not being productive, I'm using all of my phone storage on weird conversations between my characters. Because what else is "notes" for?
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Isabelle Thom
Comedy, Fantasy, Fiction
art, chess, cooking, music, origami, photography, sports, travel
The Ascendance Trilogy
My Book
The Forgathering

The forgathering is the goal. Before any enemies can be defeated, the defeaters must unite. But unification is a hard goal to reach when you’re chased by fifteen-foot-long talking, red-eyed snakes who are in favor of eating you. Finding out that you’re from an ancient bloodline of heroes, tasked with saving your country, also complicates things.

"The Forgathering" is written for a young adult audience, or around ages 10-17. It's a book about the struggle we face to forget differences and come together as one. It's also en epic adventure edge-of-your-seat-what-just-happened fantasy story. Lol.

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