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Hello! I'm SirJML. I work under the name SirJML for privacy, so an about section is a bit redundant... Still, this website is awesome and I'm glad to be a part of it. Writing is a lot of fun, AND OH MY GOOD LORD I AM RUNNING OUT OF CHARACTERS. What to say... What to say.... Maybe just... 🐨
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United States
short stories
Dystopia, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
academics, anime, art, martial arts, music, origami, photography, sports, TV, videogames
The Giver by Lois Lowry
Spaghetti. And pickles. But not together.
My Book
True Alium
SirJML (Duh)

This is currently a pretty random book. Think Through The Looking Glass, but a healthy bit darker. I have no idea about a publication date, as this is currently one of about six or seven projects I've been working on. This is just the one I think I can complete. Alium means different in Latin, and that well describes part of the story.

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