So…finally breaking the ice here. In case you didn’t know, I happen to be a freshman in high school. When I first went live about my age, I was worried that people would judge me for being younger than expected. This thought continued to linger until it eventually just disappeared. Anyway, back to the topic.

I decided to make this post after springing back to reread Iva’s post, What My First Semester of Uni Taught Me About Writing. So now I’m here to share a similar experience, this time with high school!

You can basically write as much as you want.

It’s really up to you. If you take simple classes, do the bare minimum, and participate in no extracurricular or social life, you can write practically however much you feel like. It didn’t take me too long to realize that there’s so many possibilities in high schools to discover new interests. This year I’ve developed a joy for piano and badminton, two things I never thought I would get into. I’ve made so many great friends along the way. Keeping a little bit of a deeper distance between me and writing has only helped me to appreciate it more.

I’ve begun to look at the bigger picture.

Why are we in school in the first place? Well, it’s to learn about our interests and use our talents to plan and prepare for the future. You can ask this same question with basically anything you do. Why do I play guitar? That was a tough one to come up with an answer with. But an even more difficult one was writing.

Why do I write? That was a tough one for me. Sure, I can say it keeps me sane, I simply enjoy it, or it helps me relieve stress. The more I thought about it, though, the more confused I’d grow. What’s the point of me writing? To be famous? No. To burn time? Certainly not. After a bit of thinking, it finally dawned on me.

I write for the same reason I enjoy guitar, piano, and video editing: creating the best way for my feelings to come across to the reader/listener/viewer.

It’s not about what I get back from what I do. I’m not doing it to hear people tell me I’m good at it, or because I want another cool thing to add to my college application. Rather, I write because it allows me to take my strong opinions and turn them into words that express them in a way I could not within a casual conversation. After realizing why I do all the things I do, including writing, I’ve felt much more passionately about everything I do. School, hobbies, sports, time with friends and family—I am grateful high school has taught me to appreciate these more, and also harbor a better understanding of why I appreciate them in the first place.

Not many people care why you do what you love.

Soon after the end of second semester, we were given a choice to sign up for next year’s classes. I chose to do a second year of piano and was met with a lot of grief by my peers.

“Why would you do a second year if graduation only requires one?”

“Why don’t you do another academic class instead?”

They simply didn’t understand why I appreciate piano class enough to take it a second time around, just like they don’t understand why I write. Sure, they can say it’s cool or they want a copy of my book when it’s out, but they’ll never understand why I’d work on such a project.

That’s the beautiful thing, though. There’s nothing more exciting than loving something hardly anyone else loves. That only makes it more cherishable. High school has taught me not to care about what other people think, especially when it comes to the things you love the most.

I’d like to end this post by asking you all the same question: Why do you choose to write?

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  • You’re a freshman too??? Whattt??? Gosh, what have I been doing with my life?

    All jokes aside though, I can completely relate with this post. I have a wild amount of hobbies, and with every passing year, it’s getting harder and harder to juggle them all. And, when I constantly get questions like, “Why don’t you just do one thing and get good at it?”, it makes me reevaluate everything I’m doing. Lately though, I’ve learned to just ignore those questions, because I came to the realization that each and every one of my hobbies adds something to my life that none of my other hobbies do, and until I lose my passion for it, I don’t plan on stopping.

    By the way, to answer your question, I write because writing is like being given a magic wand that can bring anything you could possibly dream of into existence, and I don’t plan on letting this wand just sit around.

  • God, I wish I could go back to freshman year, It was honestly the best year of my high school career. Now I’m nearing the end of my junior year and am slowly dying from stress (it honestly shouldn’t be this stressful but in my circumstances, I have a lot on my plate that isn’t easily rid of)

    I hope you have a great freshman year, and hold on to that ability to write all the time, because as you progress through your high school career it may get harder. I fell prey to that. I used to write all the time but around my sophomore year I started to fall behind in school for reasons beyond my control, and because of this, writing took a backburner. Though I constantly have a burning desire to write, I have to put other things first. I hope you never have to make that decision.

    However, my circumstances are probably a bit more extreme than most. So I highly doubt you’ll struggle as much as me. just don’t underestimate the workload and don’t bite more then you can chew.

    • True…so true. I made a similar mistake this year and unfortunately had to give up some of my hobbies to make room for writing and school. Thanks for the advice, and I hope high school becomes less stressful for you! I’m sure senior year will be great, though! 🙂

  • Dude, when I found out you were about to start your freshman year, I lost my mind. No joke. I ran up to my mom /fangirling/ about how awesome you are. I don’t think you quite get how amazing and just completely inspiring your work really is. You know so many languages, you’re an amazingly talented writer, have more extracurricular than I can even /think/ of doing.

    To be honest, you’ve probably inspired more than just me too. I’d imagine there are others out there, like me, who have put you on the list with their favorite celebrities and writers and other roles models, because that’s what you do, who you are- an inspiring individual who is going to stun the world, and show every exactly who you aspire, and will, be.

    • Awwww!!! Thank you so much! Messages like these really make my day! To be honest, Teen Authors Journal is just a passion of mine like any other hobby. Every one of you is doing amazing things in your lives as well, I’m sure of it! 😀

      Keep writing!

  • You shouldn’t be apprehensive about the fact that you’re so young. It’s makes all your accomplishments way more impressive in my opinion!

    All really good thoughts! It’s always good to think about the why of things.

    I think I write for a similar reason. I love to create. It’s super fun! Also, I think I want to impact people. To make them think about the world, to touch their hearts. That’s what a book is for after all. The number of people I impact may be a small one, but even then I’ve done what I set out to do.

    Other than that, I think I have to admit that part of it is just being able to hold something you’ve written. It’s a very gratifying accomplishment to see something you’ve put so much time and emotional energy into finally printed and bound. I think we can all relate to that! 😉

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