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Great writers have spent years and years to create their masterpiece world! But do you have that level of patience? Great things ask for something valuable, and time is the most valuable possession we have, so take good care of it.

World Building can take you weeks, months, years or maybe lives? (If you believe in reincarnation) But the main point is, it takes time. And if you don’t give it proper time, your world will come out as a two-dimensional field where you will mess up, just to admit it at the end “It’s boring!” So, before you reach that end, you need to stop right now, and ask yourselves “What does my world have that makes it unique, that makes it different from the others? Will I enjoy living in this world, if I were a character? Is it logical enough to believe? Is it magical enough to amaze?” If no, something’s missing.

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When you will realize that you actually need to work hard on world-building, I’ll say ‘you’re right!’ Because World building can be extremely tough job, but it can be easy if you know the basics of how to make it work for you! For now, let us look at some basic elements of the World Building:

  1. How this world came into existence?

You should not start writing the first chapter of your story, if your world just came into existence. Now, I do not mean, like “How our earth came into existence?” and your answer is “Big-bang theory, and the ball of gas, formation of atmosphere” NO! I am talking about civilization! How are people developing in your story? How are the societies advancing with the time? Well, you get the idea!

  1. The Environment!

This is also one of the most important factors when it comes to world building. You can have the mountains in the north, sea in the south, desert on the west, and rain forests on the east. This will add the essence of reality in your world and make it more believable. I’ve read a story where the writer depicted the sky as purple, and the sun as green. Now, I know this can work amazingly with your story, but few readers will find it hard to imagine it this way. They can relate to the world of your story, if in your world, it is ‘day’ when the sun rises and ‘night’ when the sun sets. Even though there’s nothing wrong in creating day as ‘night’ and night as ‘day’ but yes, they will find it hard visualizing it!

  1. Different people and Races!

Wouldn’t it be too boring if everyone looks the same, and don’t have much differences? Wouldn’t you and your readers find it interesting if they get to know about different race, other than humans? (That’s an important element in fantasy writing that you shouldn’t neglect) It’s not important that your story should include dwarves, elves, ents, orks, but it will be great if you use them in your own unique way! It’s never important to have your work resemble Sir Tolkein’s, but many great fantasy works owe him very much!

  1. Languages!

There are so many languages we have, in our world only!!! By this, you should guess the importance of languages in your world building! French, English, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, and it will take me an hour to type all the languages that are known till date, (including the local languages, too) You don’t want all your world speaking just one language, diversity should be there to make every place, every kingdom in your world unique! Even though many writers try to avoid this part, just because of this:

“It’s tough to learn a language, and you are expecting me to create an entirely new language! No, all these grammar systems, the phonemic sets, the alphabets! And one doesn’t simply create a new language, that is different from the ones that are already there!”

I know it’s tough, we all know it’s tough. But it’s worth it! So, try to do it. Research (our favourite hobby that can lead us to master the astronomy subject in just one night) about how your language was formed. And steal the idea, play with other languages, mix the words, and have fun!!!! And the best part – you can say “I love you” to your crush without even their realizing it, you know why.  (Don’t think that I have tried it, I am just saying, that’s all, honestly.)


These are the basic elements of every world building, let it be simple one or detailed one. You have to take care of each of the elements to make your world ‘real’!

That’s it for now, we will discuss about the next steps of World Building in the other part! But only if you like to read more of it? I hope you liked it and found it informative!

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  • This is a very helpful article, thank you for writing this! The world I’m creating has proven to be difficult to write–the world has been 99% peaceful and completely war-free for thousands of years, which is an unrealistic world and one that’s hard to imagine. However, I think the reason why the world is the way it is is reasonable and makes it more believable, and the people in it still have underlying prejudices, ill desires, and so on. They simply keep it all hidden due to fear (of something very spoilerish). I’m definitely going to try pulling through with it, though. It would be impossible to write the story and it would be very plot hole-riddled if I didn’t make the world the way it is.

    • Peaceful and warless for thousands of years?! I mean, that’s commendable. First of all, thanm you very much for reading and appreciating my post, I’m grateful for that.
      Now, you’re complicating things too much, aren’t you. Its perfectly fine to have a warless world. But remember, a world isn’t a world if there are not any small conflicts between different groups and the people living in there. Also, the lust of the land makes people to go on war and conquer the land to expand their territory, and I like this idea very much. If there are no kings or ruler in your story, no wars idea os perfectly fine. But if there are rulers and theri kingdoms, it is sort of hard for me to digest the fact that they are not interested in expanding the boundaries of their kingdom. Don’t feel offended because I’m pretty bad at giving advices. Or maybe my advices are wrong. I don’t even know what your world is about, that’s why I won’t say anything about it. But history of the world with deep conflicts add reality to it. Because we can relate to it as our history also revolves around these wars and adventures.
      I know you will do great! Just BELIEVE in your world!
      All the best! I’ll be waiting to read your book!

  • This is all great advice for the aspiring fantasy author. I think that your point about making the world easy to visualize is a must for stories set in their own unique world. This set of posts was well written and highly informative, it’s great that you decided to share them with everyone!

    • Thank you so much!
      I am glad you think so. I mentioned that point because I was critiquing a story where everything was different. In some parts, I just loved it. (Like the river being purple or red) and some parts, it just disturbed the flow (like the sun being green, that means all the people will look green because of the light and that’s pretty hard to imagine for me)
      Thanks for reading!
      Have a great day… 🙂

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