I’m trying something different today. This post will cover my thoughts on the topic in as few words as possible. In return, I ask that you do your best to interpret the messages in any way you’d like. Let’s begin…

Your story is beautiful.

A great story does not need to be changed to be beautiful. A main character does not need a renovation to be more popular with the target demographic. Your book should have nothing to hide. Write the beautiful story your soul wants to tell. Those who read it will appreciate it for what it truly is.

Write different.

Inspiration is magical, but it’s also the path to destruction. Don’t steal a style of writing just because you think it’s beautiful. That’s like getting plastic surgery to look like a celebrity. Your writing style is unique to you. Inspiration should not sway you from what you aspire to be and do.

Pour out the soda. Drink the cans.

When you write something beautiful, you are not telling a story. Writing is a literary translation of the soul. If you only look to your brain for words, you will not be writing something beautiful. What you will be writing is something rotten and contrived. Mechanical.

There are things you understand that no one bothers to think about. You have thoughts unable to be shared through a simple conversation. From those feelings sprout beautiful words. Words that can be devoured and understood.

Write from your own hatred.

Write what you hate about society, Earth, humanity…

Without hatred, there will be no thunder. But most importantly, no light at the end.

Write about frustrations you believe only you, yourself understand.

Someday, those words will be read by someone who can relate. And you will realize how beautiful and impactful your story is.

All because you wrote something different.

Thanks for reading! I wonder what you all got out of this post…please leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

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